Who We Are

A seed, through patience, increases in value and becomes a tree;

But this is almost impossible without the right environment. In the same way, young people are like seeds who will blossom into great adults and people of influence tomorrow if they are nurtured in the right environment. Heritage International Leadership Academy was founded based on this ideal.


Students who attend Heritage International receive a well rounded education that not only provides high quality instruction but also experiences that teach them how to work with others, how to be productive and upstanding citizens and how to be active contributors to the society around them.


Our goal is to break the glass ceiling of education in Liberia. We aim to be pacesetters and redefine what is possible by setting the bar high. We will do this by providing opportunities for our young professionals to develop an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and use the lessons learned for greater good.


We seek to raise our students to be God-fearing leaders, self-advocates, and astute citizens. We will achieve this goal by working in partnership with parents, placing an emphasis on life skill character development, and maintaining an overall commitment to the long-term development of our students.

Our Vision

A distinctive international school in Liberia that equips children with the quality education, professional and social skills required to compete and succeed at the global level.

Heritage International Leadership Academy strives to implement a system of learning that will enhance the quality of education provided to our students and prepare them to acquire the education and skills necessary to compete and succeed from a global perspective. Fostering a learning culture that champions our community, responsibility, productivity, and a desire for higher expectations & learning, we will:

  • Achieve at a high level academically
  • Partner with our teachers to engage in relevant, Inquiry-Based & Project-Based Learning
  • Instill leadership capacities by promoting good citizenship, responsibility and accountability
  • Promote community engagement & interaction through the use of service-learning
  • Use our facilities as a source of family, academic, and community enrichment

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Our Mission

To provide a learning environment that will enable our students to grow their leadership skills and achieve academic excellence.

Core Values

High Expectations

We are high achievers who are enthusiastic about learning.


We respect students, teachers, and always try to find a common ground.


We show compassion for one another through what we say and what we do.


We hold one another accountable and we behave in a good manner.

Good Citizenship

We are good stewards of our community, our school, and within our families.


We foster relationships in our community by finding innovative ways to make life easier for all.

The HILA Experience

A school that is truly beyond ordinary.

HILA students are challenged to engage deeply in learning; foster and participate in an inclusive community; and grow into adults who are intellectually adventurous, ethically sure-footed, and generous of heart and spirit. Students will believe in themselves, aspire to greatness, and view the world with a global perspective.


At HILA, your child isn’t just a student, they are a part of a community. We are committed to providing a healthy place for children to thrive both in the classroom and beyond. From the smallest gesture to the biggest requirement, student life at HILA means every student has the opportunity to make an impact on the community in his or her own way.

Two students reading a book