At Heritage International Leadership Academy, students enjoy individualized attention from our teachers and increased participation with peers due to the restriction on the size of our classes. A small class size of maximum 14 students per class ensures that students will learn faster and perform better as they are nurtured in this collaborative environment.


Our preschool learning environment nurtures caring and character traits, preparing kids for the collaboration they’ll enjoy in later studies. We strive to create a consistent learning experience in the classroom, with the teacher, and at home with the family. The preschool curriculum is based on early childhood teaching best practices. Children learn math, science, vocabulary and social skills. Everything your child learns each day is reinforced throughout the year to prepare him or her for school.

Elementary School

Our elementary school provides unceasing opportunities for our students to engage, explore, and have fun in our classrooms. We tailor our rigorous approach to meet the specific needs of our students; teaching the core knowledge, critical thinking, leadership, and self-advocacy skills that are fundamental for success. The program of instruction includes mastery of fundamental academic skills and a challenging, innovative and accelerated curriculum in: Math, Language Arts , Reading, Science, and Social Studies.

Middle School

Heritage International Leadership Academy’s comprehensive middle school curriculum encourages our young professionals to think critically. We believe that inquiry-based learning best enables our students to work in a collaborative classroom and encourages mastery over content memorization. Middle school students are challenged to be independent thinkers, role models for their peers and are taught important life and social skills that they will carry on to High School.

Enrichment Programs

Students in every grade take part in enrichment classes in addition to their core subjects.


Through the journalism program, HILA students are taught the skills which enable them to communicate competently in all media forms; access, understand, analyze, evaluate traditional and social media.


In the agriculture program, students have the opportunity to get back to the soil. Students complete hands-on projects in a positive environment where they receive guidance from a trained agronomist and are encouraged to take on proactive leadership roles.

Financial Literacy

Financial literacy classes teach students the basics of money management: budgeting, saving, debt, investing, and giving. This knowledge lays a foundation for students to build strong money habits early on and avoid many of the mistakes that lead to lifelong money struggles.

Performing Arts

Students explore their creativity as they develop singing, dancing, and drama skills in our engaging performing arts classes. Throughout the year the students will have the opportunity to showcase their skills at performances.

Family & Consumer Science

Family and Consumer Science serve as a foundation for life literacy education. Our primary goal is to improve the student's ability to be successful in today's world by teaching them practical life skills that they will encounter as young adults.


The STEM club is an enjoyable way to engage the students with science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects. STEM provides a platform to extend young people's learning.