HILA Young Entrepreneurs Fair

Are you ready to witness the next generation of innovators and visionaries? Join us at HILA’s Young Entrepreneurs Fair—an electrifying event designed to empower and showcase the incredible talents of young minds ages 5 to 16.

Why Your Child Should Participate:

  • Unleash Creativity: Give your child the platform to transform their unique ideas into reality! The Young Entrepreneurs Fair is the perfect canvas for imaginative projects and innovative business concepts.
  • Develop Critical Skills: From teamwork and communication to problem-solving and financial literacy, this experience is a crash course in essential life skills that will shape your child’s future success.
  • Build Confidence: Nothing boosts self-esteem like seeing one’s hard work pay off. Our fair provides a supportive environment for your child to proudly showcase their business achievements.
  • Connect with Mentors: Top-notch mentors and industry experts will be on hand to provide valuable guidance and feedback, helping your child refine their entrepreneurial spirit.

Event Highlights:

  • Colorful Booths: Imagine a vibrant marketplace filled with creativity! Each participant gets their own booth to set up shop and captivate visitors with their products or services.
  • Exciting Competitions: From “Most Innovative Product” to “Best Marketing Strategy,” our competition categories celebrate the diverse talents of our young entrepreneurs, with fantastic prizes up for grabs!
  • Forge connections with fellow young entrepreneurs, fostering friendships and collaborations that could last a lifetime.
The Young Entrepreneurs Fair is open to kids ages 5-16.
The Young Entrepreneurs Fair is open to students from all schools
Participation in the Young Entrepreneurs Fair:
I grant permission for my child to participate in the Young Entrepreneurs Fair organized by Heritage International Leadership Academy. I understand that my child will be showcasing their entrepreneurial project during the event.

Photographic and Video Consent:

I hereby grant Heritage International Leadership Academy permission to capture photographs and videos of my child during their participation in the Young Entrepreneurs Fair. These images may be used for marketing, promotional materials, and related purposes.

Publication Consent:
I understand that my child's name and project details may be included in promotional materials, such as the event website, social media posts, press releases, and other marketing collateral related to the Young Entrepreneurs Fair.

I affirm that I have read and understood the terms outlined above and grant permission for my child's participation in the Young Entrepreneurs Fair, as well as the use of their images for marketing and promotional purposes.
Registration Fee Includes 1 table and two chairs.